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Dyno Re-classing for Motor Swaps, Aftermarket Heads, Aftermarket/Modified Forced Induction, Ported Rotaries, and others requested Read More...

Provisional TT Classifications

Rule Addendums and Clarifications

Time Trial Rules - The latest rules on the NASA Site.

Time Trial Car Classification Form TTB-TTF

Time Trial Car Classification Form TTU/TT1/TT2/TT3

Time Trial Dyno Certification Form (ST/PT/TT Dyno Certification Form)

Time Trial License Application

Time Trial License Renewal--sign on to the NASA main website

Time Trial/HPDE Car Tech Form

NASA TT Class Calculator tools (Download the Excel file, and click the enable editing button at the top.  Then enter your vehicle's data):
NASA TTU,1,2,3 Class Calculator Tool
NASA TTB-F Class Calculator Tool

Important Note: For in depth rules for HPDE participation please download the Club Codes and Regulations (CCRs) to get specifications on racing harnesses, seats, roll bar, and other safety related items. As a general rule, an "unmodified" factory vehicle will pass tech without any problems, but cars that have been modified (seats, roll bars, belts, etc) must conform to the preparation rules listed in the rulebook.